If you want to reconstruct and adjust your rental apartment, you should keep in mind several things. First make sure whether you need a construction permit or something similar. In the second phase you should realize that you will be the one living in the apartment, not the visitors. Therefore keep in mind your daily life and using of the apartment. Do I need construction permit? Before you start to repair your Prague real estate you should clarify following terminology. Construction law doesn’t know term “reconstruction”, it uses different term – construction adjustme... [celý článek]

Vydáno: 04. 11. 2018

Firstly you should rest and relax in your apartment after long and busy day at work. That is possible only when you feel safe and comfortable. That is influenced by many factors, especially noise, temperature and unpleasant light. For calm sleep it is necessary to have proper dimming When choosing a new apartment real property advisor will help. However not even them are able to conjure up ideal place for your sleep in noisy and busy, lighted urban settlement. At the same time quality rest is very important for human body. Rested people are much mor... [celý článek]

Vydáno: 30. 09. 2017