Do you want to reconstruct rental apartment?

If you want to reconstruct and adjust your rental apartment, you should keep in mind several things. First make sure whether you need a construction permit or something similar. In the second phase you should realize that you will be the one living in the apartment, not the visitors. Therefore keep in mind your daily life and using of the apartment.

Do I need construction permit?

Before you start to repair your Prague real estate you should clarify following terminology. Construction law doesn’t know term “reconstruction”, it uses different term – construction adjustment. It means you are changing already finished building, but maintain the external ground plan.

On the contrary maintenance of building means you only secure the present state of the building to prevent it from further degradation and prolonging its life.

After clarifying these two terms you will have to decide which permit you really need. You will probably mostly have to deal with announcing the owner of the apartment replacement of toilet or bathroom reconstruction.

How much do you want to invest?

After clarifying what kind of permit you should have it is time to make a preliminary calculation. Create a budget which you won’t change or increase anymore. We know it is tempting but it isn’t the best way.

Real property advisor will help you with financial plan as well as other things. If you realize you can’t afford it in the end, don’t despair. Many things can be done with self-help from older pieces of furniture.

It is definitely better than buying cheap, poor quality pieces which will fall apart during the first year.

Give a chance to plants and get rid of dust collectors

There are many ways how to cozy up apartments for rent in Prague. You might want to change the style completely or only adjust the current style.

Definitely get rid of all dust collectors and throw away everything what you don’t need anymore. You would be surprised how much space it takes up. Even seemingly ordinary plants can turn your apartment into oasis full of relax.

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